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Franco Pozzi

Tax Authority clarifies new CFC rules

Corporate Tax - Italy
Studio Legale Tributario Biscozzi Nobili

The Tax Authority recently issued Circular Letter 35/E, which clarifies Italy's controlled foreign companies (CFC) regime in light of recent changes under Budget Laws 190/2014 and 208/2015 and Decree-Law 147/2015.

Paul Ranjard

SAIC issues opinion on new trademark registration procedure

Intellectual Property - China
Wan Hui Da Law Firm & Intellectual Property Agency

In 2016 the State Administration for Industry and Commerce published its Opinion on Pushing Forward the Reform to Facilitate Trademark Registration Procedure, making such reform its priority for 2016 and 2017.

Duygu Acar Yucesoy

New law on pledges over movable assets in commercial transactions

Banking - Turkey
Aykan Acar Ergönen Law Firm

In an effort to improve collateralisation options and facilitate the access of small and medium-sized businesses to financing, Parliament recently adopted a new law introducing significant changes to pledges over movable assets.

Athanassios Lambrou

Court dismisses claim against PI underwriter on basis of pre-contractual communications

Insurance - Greece
Zemberis, Markezinis, Lambrou & Associates

The Athens First Instance Court recently heard a case involving a law firm which sought to be indemnified from its professional indemnity underwriter.

Lucy Garrett

Changes to Tier 2 route in place

Immigration - United Kingdom
Magrath LLP

In November 2016 the proposed autumn changes to Tier 2 of the points-based system were finally introduced, pursuant to the latest statement of changes in the Immigration Rules.

Karin Hummel

Settling vertical infringements – leniency application and full immunity

Competition & Antitrust - Switzerland
Schellenberg Wittmer

The Competition Commission recently issued a ruling in which an investigation into vertical infringements of competition law was the subject of an amicable settlement with the competition authority.



Opposition to energy projects

Energy & Natural Resources / China, Mexico


Diversity in the workplace

Employment & Benefits / Brazil, Chile, Cyprus, Hungary, Luxembourg, Norway, Peru, Switzerland


Rise of the drones

Aviation / Canada, Nigeria, Switzerland, USA