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Rachel L Partain

Captive insurance: new IRS tax reporting has potential for penalties and examinations

Corporate Tax - USA
Caplin & Drysdale, Chartered

The Internal Revenue Service recently issued a notice identifying certain transactions relating to small captive insurers as 'transactions of interest'.

Bernhard Lötscher

Federal Tribunal on professional privilege in context of internal investigations

White Collar Crime - Switzerland
CMS von Erlach Poncet Ltd

The Federal Tribunal recently held that professional privilege did not prevent prosecutors from accessing information collected by attorneys retained by a Swiss bank to carry out an investigation of suspected contraventions of regulatory and penal laws by the bank's employees.

Guy Castegnaro

Instalment rates set for transfer and seizure of employment income, pensions and annuities

Employment & Benefits - Luxembourg

The Grand Ducal Regulation of September 27 2016 set the instalment rates at which employment income, pensions and annuities can be seized or transferred in accordance with Article 4 of the Modified Law of November 11 1970.

Federico Peres

New rules on dredged sediment management introduced

Environment & Climate Change - Italy
B&P Avvocati

Two new ministerial decrees regarding dredged sediment management were recently published in the Official Gazette: Ministerial Decree 172/2016 on the methods and technical standards for dredging operations in remediation sites of national interest and Ministerial Decree 173/2016 establishing the procedures and technical criteria for the disposal of dredged materials at sea..

Adrian Chang

Market Misconduct Tribunal orders sanctions for disclosure of false or misleading information

Litigation - Hong Kong
Smyth & Co in association with RPC

In the past few years, the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has actively pursued those alleged to have committed market misconduct in Hong Kong.

Tsung-Yuan Shen

Proposed amendment to Copyright Act would add stipulations to govern orphan works

Intellectual Property - Taiwan
Lee and Li Attorneys at Law

The influx of new inventions following the internet tech boom has led to a corresponding increase in orphan works.



Diversity in the workplace

Employment & Benefits / Brazil, Chile, Cyprus, Hungary, Luxembourg, Norway, Peru, Switzerland


Rise of the drones

Aviation / Canada, Nigeria, Switzerland, USA


Insolvency and licences

Insolvency & Restructuring / Luxembourg, Switzerland, United Kingdom