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Izuru Goto

Changes to regulations concerning Basel III rules

Banking - Japan
City-Yuwa Partners

Several important regulations concerning the Basel III rules have been implemented in Japan this year.

Samiya Fikree

Recommendations on price control mechanism for essential foodstuffs

Competition & Antitrust - Pakistan
Vellani & Vellani

The Competition Commission recently announced details of a meeting regarding recommendations on the price control mechanism for essential food commodities.

Lawrence R DeMarcay

The pitfalls of post-incident paperwork

Shipping & Transport - USA
Fowler Rodriguez

When an accident occurs on a vessel, an investigation is necessary to determine what happened, how it happened and how it can be prevented from happening in the future.

Shoshana Gavish

Unilaterally bestowing benefits following failure of negotiations

Employment & Benefits - Israel
S Horowitz & Co

A court recently considered whether an employer can unilaterally bestow benefits resulting from negotiations with a union in case of a failed attempt to sign a collective agreement.

PierDanilo Beltrami

Amendments to pre-bankruptcy agreement procedure

Insolvency & Restructuring - Italy
Lombardi Molinari Segni

Parliament recently introduced changes to the Insolvency Act which address bankruptcy, debt restructuring arrangements and the pre-bankruptcy agreement procedure.

Gordon Drakes

Franchising and e-commerce – the e-lephant in the room

Franchising - European Union

Franchise rights tend to be granted on a 'pure-play' basis – that is, the franchisee is granted the right to open and operate physical premises selling products and services in an allocated territory, with the franchisor reserving its rights in respect of other channels, such as e-commerce.



Insolvency and licences

Insolvency & Restructuring / Luxembourg, United Kingdom


Climate change as a driver of change

Environment & Climate Change / Brazil, Sweden


The brave new world of Bitcoin

Banking / Austria, Canada, Japan, Luxembourg, Nigeria, Sweden