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Victoria Santis

Origin mark programme changes logo design

Intellectual Property - Chile
Montt y Cia SA

The logo design for the 'Chile' origin mark programme has changed.

Chris Browne

Blanket approach insufficient under official information legislation

Litigation - New Zealand
Wilson Harle

The High Court recently ruled that holders of official information are not justified in taking a blanket approach when responding to requests for official information.

Marco Abramo Lanza

Main provisions of Patent Box regime

Corporate Tax - Italy
Studio Legale Tributario Biscozzi Nobili

The government introduced a 'Patent Box' tax regime for the first time in 2014.

Jeanette Yu

Government issues rules on prevention and control of occupational health hazards

Employment & Benefits - China
CMS, China

The State Administration of Work Safety – the highest authority in China for work safety and the prevention and control of occupational health hazards – has issued the Eight Rules on Control and Prevention of Occupational Health Hazards of Enterprises.

Gordon Drakes

Franchising and e-commerce – the e-lephant in the room

Franchising - European Union

Franchise rights tend to be granted on a 'pure-play' basis – that is, the franchisee is granted the right to open and operate physical premises selling products and services in an allocated territory, with the franchisor reserving its rights in respect of other channels, such as e-commerce.

Bernhard Lötscher

Selling Swiss bank customers' confidential data – Switzerland claims worldwide jurisdiction

White Collar Crime - Switzerland
CMS von Erlach Poncet Ltd

The Federal Tribunal has provided guidelines to resolve the controversial question of whether the sale of Swiss bank customer information to foreign tax authorities is punishable under Swiss law, even if the perpetrator acts abroad.



FNAC SA to acquire Darty plc

$1.2 billion / November 11 2015


CONMED Corporation to acquire SurgiQuest Inc

$265 million / November 11 2015


Sunoco LP to acquire stake in Sunoco Partners LLC

$2.2 billion / November 11 2015



Insolvency and licences

Insolvency & Restructuring / Luxembourg, United Kingdom


Climate change as a driver of change

Environment & Climate Change / Brazil, Sweden


The brave new world of Bitcoin

Banking / Austria, Canada, Japan, Luxembourg, Nigeria, Sweden