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Samiya Fikree

Recommendations on price control mechanism for essential foodstuffs

Competition & Antitrust - Pakistan
Vellani & Vellani

The Competition Commission recently announced details of a meeting regarding recommendations on the price control mechanism for essential food commodities.

Javier E Patrón

Impact of bonuses on severance payments

Employment & Benefits - Argentina
Marval O'Farrell & Mairal

Under the Labour Act, termination without just cause entitles an employee to a severance payment.

Jonas Löfgren

Named patient permission for unauthorised medicinal products – financial considerations

Healthcare & Life Sciences - Sweden
Advokatfirman Lindahl

The Stockholm Administrative Court of Appeal recently clarified the possibility to consider financial aspects when determining whether there are special requirements for granting a named patient permission.

Anne-C Imhoff

Non-Swiss residents can own several holiday homes in exceptional cases

Real Estate - Switzerland
Pestalozzi Attorneys at Law

A non-Swiss resident inherited one Swiss holiday home and already owned another.

Roland Wiring

Stricter anti-corruption rules in healthcare sector

White Collar Crime - Germany
CMS Hasche Sigle

The forthcoming Act to Combat Corruption in the Healthcare Sector will significantly expand the applicability of criminal law.

Marie Berard

Court refuses enforcement of award set aside at seat

Arbitration & ADR - United Kingdom
Clifford Chance LLP

The English court recently refused the enforcement of a foreign award made under the New York Convention because it had been set aside by the court of the seat.



Air Liquide SA to acquire Airgas Inc

$13.4 billion / November 11 2015


FNAC SA to acquire Darty plc

$1.2 billion / November 11 2015



Insolvency and licences

Insolvency & Restructuring / Luxembourg, United Kingdom


Climate change as a driver of change

Environment & Climate Change / Brazil, Sweden


The brave new world of Bitcoin

Banking / Austria, Canada, Japan, Luxembourg, Nigeria, Sweden