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Zhang Yan

Shanghai court renders first criminal ruling on GI collective trademark

Intellectual Property - China
Wanhuida Peksung

A Shanghai court recently found a wine dealer, its legal representative and one of its employees guilty of selling commodities bearing counterfeit Bordeaux geographical indication (GI) collective trademarks pursuant to the Criminal Law.

Lev Gantly

Split closings: a divide in methods

Aviation - United Kingdom
Vedder Price LLP

The inclusion of engine pooling arrangements and rigorous maintenance requirements in operating leases frequently results in engines which formed part of a leased aircraft at delivery being off-wing.

Giffy Pardede

MEMR delivers on promise to revoke regulations

Energy & Natural Resources - Indonesia
Ali Budiardjo, Nugroho, Reksodiputro

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources recently announced the revocation of 32 regulations in furtherance of the government's efforts to reduce the regulatory burden on the energy and mineral resources sector.

Thomas Mundry

Interested party and material transactions

Company & Commercial - Russia
Noerr LLP

Transactions of Russian joint stock companies and limited liability companies require the consent of the general meeting or the board of directors if they qualify as material or interested party transactions.

Romy Smit

More restraint required in granting permission for pre-judgment seizure

Litigation - Netherlands

The Netherlands has traditionally been known as a country in which it is easy to seize before judgment.

Sang Hoon Lee

Changes to Labour Standards Act: National Assembly passes new bill to curb working hours

Employment & Benefits - South Korea
Lee & Ko

The National Assembly recently passed a legislative amendment designed to reform the Labour Standards Act.



Three’s a crowd? Third-party arbitration funding

Arbitration & ADR / Canada, Cyprus, Greece, India, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom


Uber-complex: regulating ride-hail services

Shipping & Transport / Finland, USA


Competition and antitrust in the digital age

Competition & Antitrust / Bulgaria, Czech Republic, European Union, Hungary, Mexico, Pakistan, Poland, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey