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Employment & Benefits

Social security agreements applicable to expatriates working in Argentina
Argentina | September 09 2015

Granting social security rights to migrant employees is of fundamental importance. Depending on the country that expatriates come from and taking into account the length of time that they have worked in Argentina, certain employees are entitled to request recognition of work carried out in Argentina under the relevant international social security agreement in order to receive social security benefits.

New developments regarding monitoring of work emails
Argentina | August 05 2015

There is no specific regulation in Argentina regarding the monitoring of work or company emails. However, the Court of Appeals recently ruled that once an employee is given a user name and password for a company server or IT system, all communications made using that system are private. Employers and employees need to be aware of this decision, as it could be the start of a new trend in this regard.

Labour law – an introduction to key concepts
Argentina | June 17 2015

Under Argentine law a labour relationship exists when one person provides personal services to another in exchange for remuneration, while in a legal, economic and technically subordinate position. All labour relationships in Argentina are governed by the Labour Contract Law, the Constitution and international treaties and conventions with international hierarchical status.

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