Mr Stefan Paulmayer

Stefan Paulmayer


Capital Markets

Bondholders' rights in case of insolvency restricted by 1874 law
Austria | February 08 2011

When insolvency proceedings were opened against A-TEC Industries AG, claims were made for around €300 million of bond debt issued by the company. The insolvency court appointed three trustees to represent the bondholders and their collective interests against the company. This restraint of bondholders' rights caused uproar among the mainly international institutional investor base.

Securitisation & Structured Finance

Authority issues new regulation on securities lending and repurchase transactions
Austria | September 10 2013

The Regulation on Securities Lending and Repurchase Transactions issued by the Financial Market Authority recently entered into force. This regulation contains specific limitations under the Investment Fund Act for management companies entering into securities lending or repurchase transactions on behalf of Austrian undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities.