Ms Ning Zheng

Ning Zheng

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Ms. Ning ZHENG is a certified patent attorney at Wanhuida Peksung, a leading Chinese IP service powerhouse formed by the merger of Wan Hui Da Law Firm & IP Agency and Peksung IP Ltd in 2016. Ning has 13-year experience in patent filing procedure and is well-versed in addressing administrative issues. She holds a BS degree in Biotechnology from Capital Normal University, Beijing, China.


Intellectual Property

SIPO announces changes to PHH programmes
China | August 28 2017

The State Intellectual Property Office recently announced the latest Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) programme developments – namely, the relaxation of the PPH requirements regarding some of the Patent Cooperation Treaty international work products and the introduction of a new PPH pilot programme between China and Egypt. This will assist in the acceleration of examination for applicants' corresponding Chinese patent applications.