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Commercial Property


Including: Real Property Law; Tenancy Law; Real Estate Investment Funds Act.

Amendments to the Tenancy Act favour landlords of old buildings, allowing them to stipulate a fixed term. As a result, landlords of old buildings and landlords of new buildings are treated equally for the first time in over 30 years.

Including: The Agreement; Lease Period; Payments and Taxes; Insurance; Termination; Transfer; Repair and Redecoration; Use; Statutory Rights

Business parks are excluded from the Tenancy Act's most important provisions. This update defines the term 'business park'.

This update considers rent agreements with or without time limits and with unenforceable time limits, and explains when each of these can be challenged.

Housing Law Update


Company & Commercial


Thresholds that were expressed in Austrian schillings are converted to euros and increased in line with new European law thresholds. As a result of the increase, more small and medium-sized firms will come within the derogation that provides for preparation, audit and disclosure exemptions.

Including: Takeover Code; Cartel Amendment Act 1999; Share Buy-Back Act; Parent Companies Consolidated Accounts Act; New Business Promotion Act