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Supreme Court – Lanham Act disparagement clause unconstitutional
  • USA
  • July 17 2017

The Supreme Court recently held that the Lanham Act's disparagement clause is unconstitutional under the First Amendment's free speech clause. The court explained that the disparagement clause "offends a bedrock First Amendment disparagement principle". Trademarks cannot be denied federal registration or be cancelled merely because they offend. Assuming that they otherwise qualify, offensive trademarks are entitled to the substantial benefits of federal trademark registration.

Biosimilar makers can give notice of commercial marketing before FDA licensure
  • USA
  • July 03 2017

The Supreme Court recently ruled that biosimilar makers can give notice of commercial marketing before Food and Drug Administration (FDA) licensure. The ruling resolves an ambiguity in the text of the Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act, which gave rise to a presumption that biosimilar makers had to wait until 180 days after FDA licensure before providing notice of the commercial marketing of those products.

Federal Circuit weighs tests for evaluating infringement under doctrine of equivalents
  • USA
  • June 12 2017

In a recent panel decision, the Federal Circuit suggested that an 'insubstantial differences' test may be more suitable than a 'function-way-result' test for evaluating infringement under the doctrine of equivalents in patent cases involving the chemical arts. The decision arises from unusual procedural circumstances.

Supreme Court decision limits venue in patent cases
  • USA
  • June 05 2017

The Supreme Court recently issued a decision limiting venue in patent cases to districts in which the defendant is incorporated or where the defendant has committed acts of infringement and has a regular and established place of business. The decision overturns decades-long Federal Circuit precedent under which patent defendants have been sued in states other than those in which they are incorporated or have regular places of business.

Federal Circuit clarifies application of post-America Invents Act on-sale bar
  • USA
  • May 22 2017

The Federal Circuit panel recently held four pharmaceutical patents invalid under the on-sale bar of 35 USC Section 102(b). Under the post-America Invents Act version of Section 102(b), public disclosure of the existence of the sale of a patented item may suffice to invalidate a patent under the on-sale bar, even if the details of the invention are not publicly disclosed in the terms of sale.

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