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CFPB principles for data aggregation services could have broad implications
  • USA
  • December 08 2017

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently released a set of consumer protection principles designed to protect consumer interests in the market for services built around consumer-approved use of financial information. The principles are targeted at so-called 'data aggregation' or 'screen scraping' services that collect customer information in order to provide financial planning or other services.

Volcker Rule: OCC requests public input on potential revisions
  • USA
  • September 29 2017

The US Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) recently released a notice seeking public input regarding how to revise the Volcker Rule. The notice cites a report released by the US Treasury Department, which included recommendations for significant changes to the rule. Although the OCC did not propose specific changes to the rule in its notice, it stated that the information that it is soliciting could support the revisions to the final rule advanced in the Treasury report and elsewhere.

CFPB proposes amendments to final rule for pre-paid accounts
  • USA
  • July 21 2017

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently issued proposed amendments to its final rule to expand existing consumer protections for electronic fund transfers to pre-paid accounts. Among other things, the proposal would modify the final rule to exempt pre-paid account issuers from the error resolution and limitation of liability provisions with respect to unregistered cardholders and provide more flexibility to issuers of digital wallet accounts that are covered by the final rule.

Treasury releases report to reform US financial system
  • USA
  • July 14 2017

The Treasury Department recently released its long-awaited report to reform the US financial system. The report includes dozens of recommendations to reform laws, treaties, regulations, guidance, reporting and recordkeeping requirements and other government policies that inhibit federal regulation of the financial system in a manner consistent with the set of core principles enunciated by President Trump in Executive Order 13772.

OCC issues third-party relationship FAQs
  • USA
  • July 07 2017

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency recently issued a set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) to supplement its 2013 bulletin on third-party relationship risk management. The FAQs affirm the bulletin's broad applicability, while re-emphasising the need for third-party relationship oversight to be risk based and tailored to individual institutions' needs and delving into several more detailed compliance questions.

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