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Belgium implements EU Damages Directive
  • Belgium
  • August 03 2017

The act transposing the EU Damages Directive into Belgian law was recently officially published. Among other things, the implementation of the directive has established a rebuttable presumption that cartels cause harm, which did not previously exist under Belgian law. In addition, the binding effect of the Belgian Competition Authority's decisions before the Belgian courts now has a legal basis.

Competition Authority imposes fines on bid-rigging cartel
  • Belgium
  • June 01 2017

In a recent settlement decision, the Belgian Competition Authority imposed total fines of €1.8 million on five undertakings involved in a bid-rigging cartel. The decision relates to a public tender launched in 2008 by Infrabel, the Belgian railway infrastructure operator. The tender was for the delivery and onsite installation of electrical circuit equipment and related technical assistance.

Competition Authority steps up fight against vertical restraints
  • Belgium
  • May 25 2017

A recent Competition Authority decision is another example of its fight against vertical restraints. The Competition Authority fined yeast supplier Algist Bruggeman and its parent companies €5.5 million for resale price maintenance, exclusive customer allocation, long-term non-compete obligations and abusive exclusionary practices in the market for compressed fresh yeast and stabilised liquid fresh yeast sold to artisan and semi-artisan bakers.

Competition Authority rejects request to suspend acquisition
  • Belgium
  • March 02 2017

In a recent decision, the Competition Authority established the circumstances in which it will review concentrations that remain below the EU and Belgian notification thresholds. The most noteworthy part of this decision is the authority's recognition that, in certain well-defined circumstances, concentrations that fall outside the scope of the Belgian merger control regime may still be subject to review.

Competition Authority reviews most-favoured nation clauses in real estate e-commerce software contracts
  • Belgium
  • February 23 2017

The Competition Authority recently closed its investigation into real estate website operator Immoweb's most-favoured nation clauses in its contracts with developers of e-commerce software used by real estate agencies. When informed of the authority's preliminary analysis, Immoweb offered to revoke the existing most-favoured nation clauses in its contracts and refrain from reintroducing them in any future contracts with software developers for five years.

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