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Why 'you're fired!' is no longer law
  • Kenya
  • March 14 2018

For a termination to be lawful, the employer must have a valid reason and adopt a fair termination process. Further, the reasons must be given before the termination takes place. The law does not require that the employee accept the reasons given, but if the employee disputes their validity, he or she could challenge the termination on grounds of unfairness. As it is unrealistic to expect an employee facing dismissal to accept the reasons given, Parliament should reconsider this requirement.

Restrictive covenants in employment contracts
  • Kenya
  • February 21 2018

The validity and enforceability of restrictive covenants during the employment period is usually not debatable. However, what frequently results in litigation is whether and to what extent these restrictive covenants are enforceable after the termination of employment. For a restrictive covenant to stand, the employer must demonstrate that it has a legitimate proprietary interest and that the intention is not merely to punish the employee.

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