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True dawning of the solar age: outlook for solar photovoltaics
  • International
  • April 24 2017

With many of the foundations for its success already laid, solar photovoltaics is expected to dominate the global energy conversation in 2017. What remains to be seen is whether solar can compete (and whether it makes sense) and how the world's energy systems can be redesigned to accommodate the inevitably high and varying levels of deployment.

FLNG – 'ship' or 'offshore installation'? Common pitfalls for investors, operators and regulators
  • International
  • April 03 2017

As they have sovereign rights and exclusive jurisdiction over the exploration for and exploitation of natural resources, coastal states are clearly acting within their public international law jurisdiction if they elect to refuse the operation of a floating production unit under a foreign flag. However, coastal states may need to look at alternative approaches and the subsequent consequences for coastal state governance.

The shifting LNG market
  • International
  • February 20 2017

Profitability in the liquefied natural gas market continues to be squeezed as prices remain low in a market awash with capacity. Costs have increased as human and resource availability has failed to keep pace with the rate of development. As a result of market conditions, a number of companies posted losses in the third quarter of 2016. However, opportunities remain.

Strategies to mitigate risk arising from joint operator insolvency
  • International
  • May 09 2016

Uncertainty in the energy sector understandably has oil and gas companies that are engaged in joint operations and joint venture projects on edge. Energy companies need to identify the risks to which participants in joint oil and gas exploration and production operations and joint ventures are exposed when a partner becomes insolvent; they should also consider possible strategies to mitigate these risks.

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