Energy & Natural Resources, Poland updates

Auction bylaws and dates of first auctions announced
  • Poland
  • December 19 2016

The energy sector regulator recently announced the final version of the auction bylaws required under the new renewable energy support scheme and the dates of the first auctions to be held under the scheme. The bylaws set out the detailed rules for preparing and conducting auctions, creating and maintaining auction participant profiles on the online auction platform and processing data regarding auction participants.

Draft regulations regarding 2017 electricity auctions published
  • Poland
  • December 12 2016

Under the Renewable Energy Sources Act 2015, the Council of Ministers must annually set the maximum volume and value of electricity that can be sold at auction in the next calendar year and, at the minister of energy's request, the order in which the auctions will be held. The government recently published draft regulations setting out the maximum volume and value of electricity that can be sold at auction in 2017 and the order in which the auctions will take place.

Price deregulation and removal of tariff obligation from Polish gas market
  • Poland
  • December 05 2016

The government recently held its first reading of Bill 999 amending the Energy Law and other acts. The bill's main aim is to eliminate tariffs from the Polish natural gas market and remove the obligation on power companies to submit gas tariffs to the president of the Energy Regulatory Office for approval. Eliminating tariffs will hopefully increase the number of entities operating in the natural gas market.

Acts modifying RES support system and limiting wind turbine locations introduced
  • Poland
  • August 08 2016

Two acts introducing significant changes to the renewable energy support scheme and the rules for locating and constructing wind farms were recently passed. The Act Amending the Renewable Energy Sources Act sets out new rules for subsidy mechanisms, while the Act on Investments in Wind Power Plants establishes new rules for wind farms that could significantly limit the development of such projects in Poland.

Draft act on renewables: key points for RES project developers and operators
  • Poland
  • May 30 2016

A draft act amending the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) Act was recently submitted to Parliament. The Draft Amendment Act introduces a number of significant changes to the RES Act, including a modified definition of a 'RES installation', a limit on the electricity purchase obligation and the introduction of additional categories for the subsidy auction mechanism.

Availability of RES support scheme for existing projects versus phased projects
  • Poland
  • April 04 2016

The entry into force of Chapter 4 of the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) Act, which modified the support system for generators of electricity from renewable sources, has been delayed. The wording of the act allows for different interpretations of the degree to which a RES project should be completed before Chapter 4 comes into force for a given generation unit to be included in the green certificate support system.

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