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Technology and innovation support centre inaugurated
  • Chile
  • March 05 2018

The National Institute of Industrial Property (INAPI) recently inaugurated its technology and innovation support centre, which was backed by the World Intellectual Property Organisation. The INAPI also recently implemented an advanced electronic signature programme, strengthened security measures to safeguard information and initiated a pilot plan that will enable the institute to become a paperless organisation.

New law reforms IP Act and creates new ministry
  • Chile
  • December 18 2017

Law 21,045, which was recently published in the Official Gazette, created the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Patrimony and reformed the IP Act through the creation of the National Cultural Patrimony Service. Under the changes introduced, the Intellectual Rights Department is now under the auspices of the National Cultural Patrimony Service. As a result, all IP matters are now part of the new Ministry of Arts, Cultures and Patrimony.

Trademark Office rejects trademark applications for differences between applied trademark and applicant
  • Chile
  • July 31 2017

The Trademark Office recently rejected several trademark applications containing the terms 'corporation', 'corporations' or similar when the applicant was not a US-based company on the basis that they would result in error or confusion. However, the Industrial Property Appeals Court dismissed this argument and revoked the Trademark Office's decisions, stating that the law does not require a trademark to be concordant with the applicant's corporate structure or organisation.

Industrial Property Appeals Court grants favourable decision to Pablo Neruda Foundation
  • Chile
  • April 17 2017

After more than eight years of litigation, the Pablo Neruda Foundation (heir to the rights of the Nobel Prize-winning Chilean poet Pablo Neruda) obtained a favourable decision from the Industrial Property Appeals Court regarding its annulment action against the Reyes hereditary succession. This decision is not only relevant as an example of the application of IP Law and the Succession Law, but also refers to one of Chile's most famous names.

INAPI applies latest version of Nice Classification
  • Chile
  • February 06 2017

The National Institute of Industrial Property (INAPI) recently announced that, as of January 4 2017, it will apply the 11th edition of the Nice Classification for Goods and Services to all new trademark applications. By adopting the 11th edition of the Nice Classification, INAPI now maintains the same standards as the World Intellectual Property Organisation, thus providing improved international protection for trademarks.

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