Intellectual Property, Denmark updates

Influence of reputed trademark on marketing practices
  • Denmark
  • November 20 2017

The Maritime and Commercial High Court recently granted Danish company Dyrup A/S a preliminary injunction without security against Nowocoat International A/S for design and layout infringement of Dyrup's wood protection products. This decision is notable, as the majority of judges found that it was possible for end-consumers to disregard a well-known trademark and recognise a product only by its design, while also confusing it with another product.

When does copyright protection exist in Denmark?
  • Denmark
  • July 24 2017

The bar for copyright infringement of industrial works in Denmark is rather high. A copy must be very similar to an original work and an original work cannot be of a simple or technical nature. In a recent Commercial and Maritime Court case, the Danish ceramics company Kähler's Omaggio series of vases and candleholders was granted copyright protection and Bovictus A/S's KJ collection was found to infringe Kähler's copyright.

Designer banned from using own name as trademark
  • Denmark
  • March 06 2017

A recent Supreme Court case explored the right of individuals to use their own names, an issue on which the general public has strong opinions. The court stated that where a person has used his or her own name as a trademark and assigned the trademark to a third party, the principle of good marketing practice entails that he or she is then prevented from using the name as a trademark for goods or services similar to those for which the trademark was registered.

JT Olesen: shirt manufacturer earns its stripes
  • Denmark
  • May 23 2016

The Maritime and Commercial High Court recently ruled in favour of shirt manufacturer JT Olesen, finding that competitor Natex's Stanfield Shirt infringed the registered design of JT Olesen's Oscar Shirt and was a slavish imitation of it under the Marketing Practices Act. The court noted that the distinctive features of the Oscar Shirt were, among other things, contrasting-coloured edges in combination with stripes.

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