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Constitutional Court rules on annulment request regarding Article 5 of Cheque Law
  • Turkey
  • November 28 2017

Article 5 of the Cheque Law imposes a judicial fine on cheque account owners for a bounced cheque. These fines cannot be less than the amount of the bounced cheque plus the accrued interest on the cheque's submission date and the total fees for execution and legal proceedings. Several courts recently applied to the Constitutional Court to request the annulment of Article 5 based on, among other things, the uncertain criteria used to calculate such fines.

Code of Civil Procedure amendments aim to improve functioning of regional appellate courts
  • Turkey
  • August 22 2017

Due to the need for the existing court procedural rules and organisational structure to be harmonised with the newly established three-tier court system, amendments have been made to the Code of Civil Procedure with the purpose of eliminating emergent problems in the functioning of regional appellate and administrative courts. The most remarkable amendment regards the period for appeal before the Court of Cassation.

New regulation on time limits for completion of legal proceedings
  • Turkey
  • August 15 2017

The Regulation on the Determination and Enforcement of Target Investigation, Prosecution or Trial Periods was recently published in the Official Gazette. The regulation sets out the rules and procedures for determining the specific periods in which legal proceedings must be completed, thus ameliorating the judicial process. By establishing and adhering to time limits for legal proceedings, Turkey may be able to eliminate the delays in its judicial system.

Court decides on issuance of certificate of inheritance for foreign-owned real estate
  • Turkey
  • April 25 2017

If a foreign national who owns real estate in Turkey dies, his or her successors must have recourse to the Turkish courts and obtain a certificate of inheritance in order to complete the transfer of the real estate under their names before the land registry or be able to legally dispose of the property in any manner. A recent case illustrates that this issue can be overcome by the submission of specific documents issued by the competent authorities of foreign countries, testament or notary statements.

Court appoints former partner as gratuitous bailee to preserve company books
  • Turkey
  • July 05 2016

The court of peace recently appointed the former partner of a liquidated company as a gratuitous bailee to preserve the company's books. The decision created an alternative approach to the preservation of the books of liquidated companies, which must be preserved by a court of peace. The new approach should help to address concerns regarding the court's limited amount of storage space for company books.

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