Litigation, European Union updates

ECJ advocate general rules on drivers' weekly rest periods
  • European Union
  • March 07 2017

The extent to which sleeping in vehicles is allowed under EU law has been the subject of much debate in the road transportation industry. EU employers of drivers of road transport vehicles will have noted with interest the European Court of Justice (ECJ) advocate general's recent opinion that drivers cannot take their regular weekly rest periods inside their vehicles. Although it may be several months before the ECJ reaches a decision on this issue, the court usually follows the advocate general's advice.

New EAPO Regulation facilitates preservation of EU bank accounts
  • European Union
  • December 20 2016

EU Regulation 655/2014 establishing a European account preservation order (EAPO) procedure will enter into force in January 2017, providing creditors with the opportunity to attach bank accounts throughout the European Union on the basis of a single application. The EAPO Regulation was driven by a European Commission study which showed that creditors encounter many difficulties when collecting outstanding claims in cases with cross-border implications.

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