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Road carriers face difficulty in establishing CMR force majeure exemptions
  • Netherlands
  • March 14 2018

On January 18 2018, despite severe weather warnings, numerous haulage companies allowed their trucks to take to the roads. As a result, many trucks were blown over, leading to extensive amounts of damage. However, any reliance by road carriers on force majeure for events arising from the storms will be hard to enforce in the Dutch courts. While it is not unthinkable that such a situation might exist, the numerous weather forecasts and code red warnings will have created a heavier burden for carriers.

Yacht damage dispute clarifies product liability implications under EU directive
  • Netherlands
  • January 24 2018

The Utrecht Subdistrict Court recently held that fire damage to a yacht caused by an air conditioning panel did not result from product liability. The court clarified the definition of 'another object' under the Dutch Civil Code and the EU Product Liability Directive, holding that because the control panel was specifically designed for use in the vessel, it was considered part of the yacht. The decision provides guidance for yacht insurers and increases the possibility of successful recovery.

Logistics service providers must be clear on general terms and conditions
  • Netherlands
  • November 08 2017

Many logistics service providers – such as terminals, warehouse keepers, freight forwarders and shipyards – use general terms and conditions in order to limit their risks. They often make use of several sets of standard terms and conditions, depending on the activities being carried out. However, a recent district court case should serve as a warning to these service providers of the severe risk that no standard terms will be regarded as validly incorporated.

Courts provide welcome clarity on ship arrest jurisdictional issues
  • Netherlands
  • September 13 2017

The scope of Article 7 of the International Convention Relating to the Arrest of Seagoing Ships grants jurisdiction to a court granting leave for arrest to also hear the substantive claims. There has been ongoing debate over whether Article 7 also applies to vessels flying the flags of countries which are not signatories to the convention. Several recent decisions – the most recent of which came from Curacao – have reaffirmed that the article's application is not limited to vessels flying the flags of contracting states.

Rotterdam Guarantee Form Limitation 2017 introduced
  • Netherlands
  • September 06 2017

The Dutch Transport Law Association recently introduced a new standard form to be used for the constitution of a limitation fund in proceedings before the Dutch courts for the limitation of liability in seagoing or inland shipping. In the past, guarantees in limitation proceedings were offered on the basis of widely diverging texts, which often led to disagreement between the interested parties and the need for court rulings on the adequacy of the guarantee.

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