Environment & Climate Change, Denmark updates

Denmark ratifies Hong Kong convention promoting environmentally sound ship recycling
  • Denmark
  • October 03 2016

Denmark recently ratified the Hong Kong Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships, which aims to ensure that ships being recycled at the end of their operational lives pose no unnecessary risk to human health and safety or the environment. It is hoped that the convention will help to set global standards to ensure that ships are broken up safely.

New agricultural legislative package announced
  • Denmark
  • April 11 2016

The government recently agreed to a new legislative package on foodstuffs and agriculture that aims to introduce more specific regulations to fully realise the potential of Danish agriculture. The package has since come under criticism from scientists who believe that the numbers behind the proposal are misguiding, and that the package will have larger environmental impacts than first assumed and presented to Parliament.

Municipalities and utility companies cooperate to tackle flooding
  • Denmark
  • February 15 2016

A number of Danish municipalities and utility companies are cooperating at a local level to protect their towns from the effects of climate change. Efforts to protect towns against flooding include limiting the amount of surface water allowed into sewage systems through planning or regulatory measures, diverting surface water to places where it will cause less damage and using urban infrastructure as emergency channels for surface water.

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