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Barbara Krystkowiak

Second-instance court nullifies acquittal due to incorrect interpretation of IP crime

Intellectual Property - Spain
Grau & Angulo

The Madrid Court of Appeal recently nullified a first-instance trial court judgment which had acquitted the defendants of a criminal offence.

Takayuki Matsunaga

Extension of wage claim limitation period under Labour Standards Act

Employment & Immigration - Japan
Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu

In April 2020 the Act on Partial Amendment of the Labour Standards Act entered into force, extending the wage claim limitation period.

Simon Blain

How to protect the 'bank of mum and dad' when your child is cohabiting

Private Client & Offshore Services - United Kingdom
Forsters LLP

Unmarried, cohabiting couples are the fastest-growing type of family, with an increase of more than 25% in the past decade.

Carsten Vyvers

Air freight overview

Aviation - International
Arnecke Sibeth Dabelstein

Many of the goods that arrive in stores or directly at people's homes every day have travelled a long way.

Peggy Sharon

Class action for bodily injury due to environmental pollution

Environment & Climate Change - Israel
Levitan, Sharon & Co

A non-profit organisation filed a claim and a motion to certify the claim as a class action against 30 plants in the Haifa Bay region, arguing that the plants polluted the environment and caused bodily injuries to the class members who were exposed to the hazardous materials which the plants emitted.

Hao Zhan

Applicants must disclose facts when prompted by insurers to avoid rescission

Insurance - China
AnJie Law Firm

When concluding insurance contracts, applicants have a duty of disclosure.



Corporate and commercial: trends and issues

Corporate & Commercial / Cyprus, India, Italy


Open banking – revolution or risk?

Banking & Financial Services / Nigeria


Aviation industry trends

Aviation / Argentina, Bahamas, Brazil, France, Germany, Israel, Peru