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David McCutcheon

Judicial review and private entities: court confirms limits of remedy

Litigation - Canada

Judicial review is a public law remedy – but does this preclude its availability for decisions made by private entities (eg, voluntary associations and political parties)? Divergent lines of judicial authority have led to inconsistent answers to this question in Ontario.

Jörgen Larsson

Labour Court: fresh guidance on definition of 'collective strike action'

Employment & Benefits - Sweden

The Labour Court recently reviewed whether actions conducted by the employees of a private waste collection and transportation company were illicit collective strike actions.

Samuel Yang

PBC further enhances its management of security measures for credit information

IT & Internet - China
AnJie Law Firm

The People's Bank of China (PBC) recently released its Circular on Further Intensifying the Management of Credit Information Security.

Jonathan Addo

Avoiding evasion: court takes pragmatic approach to serving uncooperative defendants abroad

Private Client & Offshore Services - British Virgin Islands
Harney Westwood & Riegels

International litigation and asset recovery require the pursuit of defendants and their assets across borders; therefore, it is a routine aspect of BVI litigation for claimants to serve legal documents abroad.

Alexander Vida

Obtaining trademark protection for distorted terms

Intellectual Property - Hungary
Danubia Patent & Law Office LLC

Brand owners often distort descriptive terms or generic names in order to register them as trademarks.

Vilma Toshie Kutomi

Immigration Law introduces new rules – what you need to know

Immigration - Brazil
Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr e Quiroga Advogados

In November 2017 the new Immigration Law, which is regulated by Decree 9199/2017, came into force.



Three’s a crowd? Third-party arbitration funding

Arbitration & ADR / Canada, Cyprus, Greece, India, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom


Uber-complex: regulating ride-hail services

Shipping & Transport / Finland, USA


Competition and antitrust in the digital age

Competition & Antitrust / Bulgaria, Czech Republic, European Union, Hungary, Mexico, Pakistan, Poland, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey