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Andy McGregor

Senior noteholder directions: another commercial approach by Financial List

Litigation - United Kingdom

In a recent case, the High Court confirmed the validity of a senior noteholder's directions under a note structure governed by the laws of multiple jurisdictions.

Alysse McLoughlin

Timely opinion regarding state taxation of Subpart F income and dividends from foreign affiliates

Corporate Tax - USA
McDermott Will & Emery

The New Mexico Administrative Hearings Office recently issued an opinion that addressed the following questions: under what circumstances can a state constitutionally impose tax on a domestic company's income from foreign subsidiaries, including Subpart F income; and when is factor representation required? Since many state income taxes are based on federal taxable income, inclusion of these new categories of income at the federal level could potentially result in their inclusion at the state level..

Hao Zhan

Shifting alliances under Chinese merger control regime

Competition & Antitrust - China
AnJie Law Firm

The Ministry of Commerce recently promulgated the Measures for the Review of Concentrations of Business Operators (revised draft) for consultation.

Hsiu-Ru Chien

Adding new invalidation reason in patent invalidation administrative proceedings based on same evidence

Intellectual Property - Taiwan
Lee and Li Attorneys at Law

To avoid repeated administrative litigation procedures, Article 33(1) of the Intellectual Property Case Adjudication Act stipulates that the IP Court must consider any new evidence submitted on the same invalidation reasons before the end of the oral debate proceedings.

Marco Manzone

Pro rata rule and apportionment of salvage reward between co-salvors

Shipping & Transport - Italy
Dardani Studio Legale

A recent decision of the Genoa Court of Appeal dealt with two interesting issues arising under the London International Convention on Salvage 1989: whether, for the purposes of fixing a salvage reward, the judge should consider not only the value of the salved vessel, but also that of the cargo on board; and the apportionment of a salvage reward between co-salvors where only one salvor brought proceedings for its remuneration..

Phillip Ashley

Deepwater Horizon – multiple arbitrator appointments on same incident

Energy & Natural Resources - United Kingdom
CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP

The Court of Appeal has considered the extent to which an arbitrator may, without the parties' knowledge, accept appointments in several matters in relation to the same or overlapping subject matters with only one common party without giving rise to an appearance of bias.



Three’s a crowd? Third-party arbitration funding

Arbitration & ADR / Canada, Cyprus, Greece, India, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom


Uber-complex: regulating ride-hail services

Shipping & Transport / Finland, USA


Competition and antitrust in the digital age

Competition & Antitrust / Bulgaria, Czech Republic, European Union, Hungary, Mexico, Pakistan, Poland, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey