Mr Christophe Ronse

Christophe Ronse


Healthcare & Life Sciences

Federal government restricts sale of PPE and medical devices for fighting COVID-19
Belgium | 29 April 2020

The minister of economic affairs recently adopted a ministerial decree which restricts the retail and wholesale distribution of certain types of personal protective equipment and medical devices used for treating COVID-19 patients. Further amendments were implemented by ministerial decrees on 27 March 2020 and 7 April 2020. This article provides a short description of the relevant trade restrictions followed by a legal analysis in light of fundamental principles of EU law.

Medicinal product reimbursement during pandemics and budgetary constraints: why quick fixes don't work
Belgium | 22 April 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the fact that an EU common policy in the healthcare sector is virtually non-existent, especially in respect of medicinal product pricing and reimbursement. This article illustrates the need for national pricing authorities to consider that their policies could have unintended consequences and cross-border effects. Otherwise, national measures risk backfiring, as seems to have happened with the Belgian authorities' most recent attempt at further reducing medicinal product prices.

Doctors not easily misled? Brussels court decides on pharmaceutical advertising
Belgium | 28 November 2012

The Brussels Commercial Court has dismissed Pfizer's misleading claims directed against an advertisement for a generic product marketed by Eurogenerics, as well as Eurogenerics's counterclaim regarding the marketing of Pfizer's own generic product. The court's relaxed views on doctors' awareness of the regulations on reimbursement and their implications will be of interest to pharmaceutical marketeers.

Intellectual Property

Prima facie validity of granted European patents in summary proceedings
Belgium | 30 April 2012

The Supreme Court has asserted the prima facie validity and enforceability of granted European patents which are subject to opposition proceedings before the European Patent Office. The decision highlights the need for alleged infringers to clear the way for their allegedly infringing product or process by seeking the invalidation of any relevant contested patent rights before the competent Belgian courts.