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Since its establishment in 1893, Advokatfirmaet Hjort DA has become a well-known and leading litigation firm. Hjort has the structure and capacity to engage in all of the central legal areas, with a solid competency in corporate legal assistance and dispute resolution. Highly acclaimed judicial competency, combined with a corporate understanding and commercial appeal are the reasons why Hjort is considered to be an unparalleled contributing partner in regards to important and demanding legal cases.


Intellectual Property

Supreme Court rules in favour of Apple on trademark debranding
Norway | 22 June 2020

The Supreme Court recently handed down a decision in a case concerning screens for iPhones imported into Norway by a mobile repair shop operator. The screens, which were not manufactured by Apple, had originally been branded with the Apple logo, but the logos were covered with marker. The question was whether the screens infringed Apple's trademark rights.

New rules on customs seizures: Norway aligns with European Union
Norway | 08 June 2020

Norway is introducing new rules on customs seizures of goods that infringe IP rights. The new rules are likely to take effect from January 2021 and are more aligned with the comparable EU rules than the current Norwegian regulations. Nonetheless, Norway will not become part of the EU-wide system for submitting and handling applications for border seizures.