Ms Monica Syrdal

Monica Syrdal

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Practice Areas

Competition law
Electronic communication law
Media law
Copyright and other IP law

Work Experience

2010 Partner, Advokatfirmaet Hjort DA
2008 - 2009 Senior Attorney, Advokatfirmaet Hjort DA   
2000 - 2008 Attorney, Legal Department of Telenor ASA
1999 - 2000 Attorney, Advokatfirmaet Thommessen
1998 - 1999 EFTA Surveillance Authority, competition and state aid department
1997 - 1998 Deputy Judge, Nedre Romerike herredsrett
1996 - 1997 Associate, Advokatfirmaet Thommessen


1996 Diploma in competition law, Kings College
1995 Law degree, University of Oslo
1992 - 1994 Degrees in English and German for lawyers

Spoken Languages

Norwegian (and other Scandinavian languages), English, German

Memberships and Honorary Posts

Member of the Norwegian Bar Association
Member of the European and Competition Law Committee of the Norwegian Bar Association


Competition & Antitrust

Uncovering cartel practices in competitive tendering
Norway | 03 March 2011

Anti-competitive practices lead to higher prices. But how can a buyer of products and services identify whether the prices charged are a result of such illegal practices? In order to assist procurement officers in both the public and private sectors, the Norwegian Competition Authority has published a list of typical signs of illegal cooperation between suppliers.

State-owned Post Office fined for abuse of dominance
Norway | 23 September 2010

The European Free Trade Association Surveillance Authority has fined Posten Norge AS (the Norwegian Post Office) €12.89 million for abuse of its dominant position. Posten Norge established a post-in-store concept, whereby consumers could pick up their parcels in local shops. Its exclusive agreements with these outlets made it difficult for competitors to establish a competing national network for parcel delivery.

Court upholds fine on trade association for encouraging price increases
Norway | 22 April 2010

The Oslo District Court recently passed a judgment upholding the Competition Authority's administrative fine of NKr400,000 (approximately €50,000) against a trade association for bus charter operators. The verdict is a reminder that not only individual undertakings, but also trade associations are subject to competition law prohibitions. The district court also decided to apply the penal burden of proof for administrative fines.

Continued Scrutiny of the Grocery Market
Norway | 17 December 2009

The Competition Authority recently informed Norwegian grocery chains that it is to extend their obligation to notify it of agreements with 19 dominant suppliers. The existing notification obligation was introduced in 2005 and will now continue until 2015.

Competition Authority Adopts Merger Control Best Practice Guidelines
Norway | 10 September 2009

The Competition Authority has published best practice guidelines on the conduct of merger control proceedings. The purpose of the guidelines is to improve the predictability of proceedings and establish an efficient review process. The guidelines discuss both pre-notification contacts and case handling after receipt of a formal notification.

New Regulations Issued on Trustees in Merger Cases
Norway | 04 December 2008

The government has issued a regulation on the use of trustees in merger cases. Among other things, it establishes when and how trustees are to be appointed, rules for trustee use of third-party assistance and the duties of a trustee in respect of ensuring compliance with conditions for approval of mergers.

Guidelines Published on Application of Competition Act to Collusive Tendering
Norway | 04 December 2008

The Competition Authority has published guidelines on the application of the Competition Act to collusive tendering. They describe the general approach that should be followed when assessing collusive tendering and set out common circumstances to be taken into consideration when evaluating its legality.

Merger Control Rules Amended
Norway | 11 September 2008

The Competition Act has been amended in respect of the procedural merger control rules with effect from July 1 2008. Changes related to the repeal of the former filing deadline and automatic suspension of all mergers will bring the act further into line with the EU Merger Regulation, and new content requirements for notifications will require the provision of more detailed information.

Intellectual Property

Monster unleashed the beast, but was shot down by the court
Norway | 14 September 2020

International energy drink giant Monster Energy Company recently lost a trademark infringement claim against energy drinks start-up Manimal Energy before the Borgarting Court of Appeals. The appeal court also rejected Monster's claim that Manimal had copied Monster's products in violation of Norwegian marketing law. Despite this setback, Monster may still consider such action successful due to the chilling effect that it could have on competing brands and products.

Supreme Court rules in favour of Apple on trademark debranding
Norway | 22 June 2020

The Supreme Court recently handed down a decision in a case concerning screens for iPhones imported into Norway by a mobile repair shop operator. The screens, which were not manufactured by Apple, had originally been branded with the Apple logo, but the logos were covered with marker. The question was whether the screens infringed Apple's trademark rights.

New rules on customs seizures: Norway aligns with European Union
Norway | 08 June 2020

Norway is introducing new rules on customs seizures of goods that infringe IP rights. The new rules are likely to take effect from January 2021 and are more aligned with the comparable EU rules than the current Norwegian regulations. Nonetheless, Norway will not become part of the EU-wide system for submitting and handling applications for border seizures.