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Gunnar Espeland


Energy & Natural Resources

Cybersecurity on Norwegian Continental Shelf
Norway | 25 June 2018

Operators and non-operating petroleum licensees on the Norwegian Continental Shelf must establish emergency preparedness and implement measures to deal with any risks to their petroleum activities. Traditionally, this emergency preparedness planning has been directed towards conventional risks, such as non-deliberate accidents and emergencies resulting from human mistakes, technical errors or weather conditions. However, cybersecurity is also becoming a major concern for the oil and gas industry.

Non-operating partners' role in Norwegian Continental Shelf procurement
Norway | 06 February 2017

An inexperienced operator on the Norwegian Continental Shelf with a relatively small organisation may invoke a need for non-operators to direct particular attention to the operator's contract award procedure; while reduced capacity of non-operators may affect their ability to contribute to joint venture operations and to exercise the required control. Consequently, it is essential that non-operators have sufficient available resources to fulfil their commitments.

Revised standard contract conditions for offshore modifications
Norway | 07 September 2015

Norwegian Total Contract 2015 Modification ('NTK 15 Mod') is a standard contract for EPC(I) offshore modification projects on the Norwegian continental shelf. In an EPC(I) contract for modification of a platform, the contractor performs engineering, procurement, construction and possibly installation of work. NTK 15 Mod is part of a standardisation process initiated by the government to facilitate cost-efficient contracting.