Mr Ayik Candrawulan Gunadi

Ayik Candrawulan Gunadi



New Bank Indonesia Regulation Strengthens Shariah Banking Network
Indonesia | 03 July 2009

The governor of Bank Indonesia recently issued the Regulation on the Conversion of a Conventional Bank to a Shariah Bank. The main effect of the regulation allows conventional banks to convert to shariah banks and community credit banks to convert to shariah community credit banks, but not vice versa.

Capital Markets

Financial services providers to apply 'know your customer' principle
Indonesia | 09 March 2010

The Capital Markets and Financial Institutions Supervisory Agency has issued a regulation regarding application of the 'know your customer' principle by financial services providers in the capital markets sector. Among other things, financial services providers must establish a working unit or assign an officer of a rank below the director to be in charge of application of the 'know your customer' principle.