Mr Philip Payne

Philip Payne



Currency Law uncertainty over foreign currency payments
Indonesia | 12 August 2011

The new Currency Law is likely to have a major impact on Indonesia's payment systems and in the fields of trade and finance due to its requirements regarding the use of rupiah for payments. Its controversial prohibition of foreign currency for domestic payments appears to catch Indonesian subsidiaries and branches of foreign companies, including foreign-owned companies and bank branches.

Energy & Natural Resources

New regulation requires letter of credit for export of natural resources
Indonesia | 11 May 2015

Regulation 4/2015, which applies to the export of numerous products from natural resources, recently entered into force. The regulation requires Indonesian exporters of these products to obtain a letter of credit from their product buyer for an amount equal to the value of the products sold before their export.

New divestment obligations for foreign shareholders of mining licensees
Indonesia | 10 April 2012

The Regulation on Mining Business Activities created divestment obligations for foreign shareholders of a company with a mining licence or a special mining licence. A new amendment requires a further divestment of up to 51% to an Indonesian party no later than 10 years after the start of commercial production. A number of other changes may also affect investors in the extractive industries.