Ms Serafina Muryanti Hayu P

Serafina Muryanti Hayu P


Company & Commercial

Long-awaited regulation on Language Law finally introduced – but questions remain
Indonesia | 28 October 2019

After a 10-year delay, a presidential regulation has finally been issued to give effect to key language provisions of the Law on the National Flag, Language, Coat of Arms and Anthem. Of primary interest to businesses are the provisions on contractual language, as they refer to the controversial requirement that agreements involving an Indonesian party must be written in Indonesian and that agreements involving a foreign party must also be written in the national language of the foreign party or in English.

Energy & Natural Resources

MEMR announces easing of regulatory burden for new and renewable energy sector
Indonesia | 05 March 2018

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources recently announced the revocation of 32 regulations in the energy and mineral resources sector, three of which are of particular importance to independent power producers in the new and renewable power sub-sector. However, a subsequent examination revealed that most if not all of the regulations have yet to be revoked, and the lack of clarity in this regard has called the ministry's commitment to transparency into question.

Government issues presidential regulation to accelerate electricity infrastructure development
Indonesia | 23 May 2016

The government recently promulgated Presidential Regulation 4/2016 on Acceleration of Electricity Infrastructure Development as part of its commitment to ensuring the success of the 35,000 megawatt programme. The regulation shows the government's support for the prioritisation of new and renewable energy for the implementation of the development and provision of easy licence and permit processes.