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Six government agencies call for recommendation of national green data centres in 2020
China | 27 November 2020

In August 2020 the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and five other government agencies issued the Circular on Organising and Implementing the Recommendation of National Green Data Centres. According to the circular, all regions will recommend a batch of well-managed and representative data centres featuring high-energy efficiency and advanced technology in major application fields in accordance with the Evaluation Indicator System for Green Data Centres.

Strengthening protection of data rights and personal information security
China | 23 October 2020

The Supreme People's Court and the National Development and Reform Commission recently issued the Opinions on Providing Judicial Services and Supports to Accelerate the Improvement of the Socialist Market Economy System in the New Era. Among other things, the opinions emphasise that the state should strengthen the protection of data rights and personal information security.

Anhui Province proposes regulations to boost development and application of Big Data
China | 11 September 2020

The Anhui Province government recently issued the Regulations on the Development and Application of Big Data in Anhui Province for public opinion. The draft regulations encourage enterprises, universities, scientific research institutions and other organisations and individuals to engage in the research and development of Big Data technology and give full play to the economic value and social benefits of data resources.

Publication of cybersecurity threat information subject to government approval
China | 24 January 2020

The Cyberspace Administration of China recently published the Administration Measures for Releasing Cybersecurity Threat Information (Draft for Comments) to solicit public opinions. According to the draft measures, the publication of cybersecurity threat information must be reported to regulators in a number of specific circumstances.

Educational apps must be filed with education administrative departments
China | 10 January 2020

The Ministry of Education recently published the Administrative Measures for the Filing of Educational Apps. The administrative measures require providers of educational apps and institutional users of educational apps to go through filing procedures and indicate that the ministry is tightening controls on educational apps in China.

Educational apps must be officially registered by end of 2019
China | 25 October 2019

The Ministry of Education and seven other authorities recently published the Opinions on Guiding and Regulating the Orderly and Healthy Development of Educational Apps. The aim is that all educational mobile apps will be registered by the end of 2019. To this end, providers of such apps must file details of their apps with provincial education administrations and adhere to data protection rules.

Regulations on Network Eco-governance issued for public comment
China | 18 October 2019

The Cyberspace Administration of China recently published the draft Regulations on Network Eco-governance for public consultation. The regulations apply to the actions of network information content producers, network information content service platforms and network information content service users, which are prohibited from producing illegal or harmful information.

Cyberspace administration releases new rules on security assessment of cross-border transfers of personal information
China | 12 July 2019

The Cyberspace Administration of China recently released the Measures on Security Assessment of Cross-Border Transfer of Personal Information (Draft for Comment). According to the draft, network operators must apply to the provincial-level cyberspace administration for a security assessment before conducting cross-border transfers. Further, network operators must record all cross-border transfers and retain the records for at least five years.

Police authorities issue guidelines on protection of personal information
China | 31 May 2019

The Security Protection Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, the Beijing Cyber Industry Association and Research Institute Number 3 of the Ministry of Public Security recently issued the Guidelines for the Protection of Personal Information Security on the Internet, which set out a series of measures and processes for the protection of personal information. Although the guidelines appear to be non-binding, they are likely to be treated as a statute-like norm.