Ms Yu Dan

Yu Dan

Lawyer biography

Areas of practice. Insurance law; Legal compliance

Education. Wuhan University, LL.B.

Recent transactions

·         Acting as legal counsel for insurance & reinsurance companies, AMCs, insurance brokers and foreign insurance companies over policy review, corporate compliance, and development of new insurance products etc.;

·         Providing legal services for the establishment of insurance brokerage companies, insurance and reinsurance companies, and internet life insurance companies;

·         Providing legal services for domestic insurance organizations and insurance asset management companies (AMC) in their utilization of insurance funds, investment & financing (using insurance funds to make PE investments, investments in infrastructure, investments in real estate , and subordinated debt issuances etc.);

·         Providing legal services concerning Debt Investment Plans for domestic insurance asset management companies (AMC);

·         Providing legal services for insurance organizations and insurance asset management companies (AMC) in their investments of Trusts.

Languages. English and Chinese.

Professional Associations/Memberships.:                          

·         Legal specialist of Insurance Asset Management Association of China (IAMAC)



Have foreign-invested insurer licences been made available to foreign investors?
China | 16 July 2019

For foreign investors with an eye on the Chinese insurance market, obtaining an insurance intermediary licence is a good idea. However, compared with insurance brokerage licences, insurance agency licences are difficult for foreign investors to obtain. Therefore, foreign investors that wish to acquire control over a Chinese insurer should consider either setting up a new foreign-invested insurer or acquiring an existing foreign-invested insurer.

Insurance brokerage market further opened up to foreign investors
China | 11 June 2019

The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission plans to abolish two of the requirements that foreign insurance brokerage companies must meet in order to conduct business in China (ie, 30 years of business operation history and $200 million worth of total assets). If this reform takes place, domestic and foreign investors are expected to have equal status when entering the Chinese insurance brokerage market.

Shift towards digital insurance and its regulation
China | 02 October 2018

Ping An Insurance (Group), a relative newcomer to the insurance industry, now ranks among the world's largest and most valuable insurers. Notably, its use of technology to embrace new business models that supplement its core insurance offerings is indicative of a wider global trend of providing customers with digital, added-value services. However, in China, this evolution towards added-value ecosystem-related services and the potential advantages on offer is marked by a different set of market considerations.

Rise of private health insurance: challenges and opportunities
China | 17 July 2018

Despite a range of stakeholders having vested interests in developing the private health insurance market, it has remained underdeveloped and is generally considered by Chinese insurers to be unprofitable compared with life insurance lines. Insurers have also found it hard to stimulate uptake by a consumer base that is relatively unfamiliar with the added value of such products. As such, the Chinese health insurance market is not as mature, innovative or profitable as it could be.

Increased insurance investment limits further liberalise insurance industry
China | 16 January 2018

Following the resumption of bilateral trade treaty talks between China and the United States, a 100-day plan was mooted which promised to improve trade ties going forward. One area of focus in this regard has been the foreign ownership limits that apply to inbound investment in Chinese financial services groups, including those pertaining to the country's insurance industry. This policy shift has given rise to expectations that further foreign investment in the insurance industry will increase significantly.

The rise of insurtech in China
China | 31 October 2017

A new wave of 'insurtech' companies (ie, insurers engaging with online distribution models and tech companies foraying into insurance) are recognising the gains to be made by entering into this emerging market. However, these developments by no means spell the end of the larger, more traditional Chinese insurers, which are adapting their longer-term business development strategies in response.

Upcoming regulations for investors in insurers
China | 06 June 2017

The regulations concerning investment limits and the required qualifications for shareholders that want to invest in Chinese insurers continue to be a focal point for potential investors. The China Insurance Regulatory Commission recently published the Administrative Measures for Equities of Insurance Companies (Draft for Comments), which make fundamental changes to the existing regulatory framework.