Ms Katharina Sarah Bressler

Katharina Sarah Bressler



Landmark first-instance decision for non-community carriers
Germany | 26 November 2014

The Hamburg Local Court has recently ruled on a case where passengers missed a connecting flight outside the European Union because the feeder flight from Germany to the airline's hub outside the European Union was delayed. The court stated that it makes no sense to treat cases in which a community carrier operates both flights differently from those in which the operating carrier for both flights is not a community carrier.

Tour operators' terms and conditions regarding flight times
Germany | 11 June 2014

The Federal Court of Justice recently deemed two clauses in the terms and conditions of a tour operator regarding flight time changes to be invalid. The court found the clauses to be unreasonable to the traveller. However, it did not determine what a valid clause would look like or what a reasonable timeframe for amendments to flight times would be.

Application for refund of energy tax
Germany | 05 March 2014

The Energy Tax Law provides that fuel supplied to commercial aircraft may be granted tax-exempt status. However, Germany is the only EU country in which exemption is not automatically granted to all commercial flights. Instead, customs permits are expressly required. Recent audits of EU air carriers have shown that airline accounts departments are often unaware of the need to apply for an exemption from the tax.

Times are changing for tour operators – but not passengers
Germany | 29 January 2014

The Federal Court of Justice recently deemed two clauses in the general terms and conditions of a tour operator regarding flight time changes to be invalid. The defendant tour operator's terms and conditions stipulated that the determination of flight times rested with the tour operator issuing the travel documents. The court deemed the clauses invalid, as they put passengers at an unfair disadvantage.

Air traffic tax: the next round
Germany | 05 June 2013

Pilots' union Cockpit recently lodged a petition with Parliament regarding the abolition of air traffic tax. The tax has led to significant distortion of competition, to the detriment of German airlines and airports. The petition has been successful, and as a result Parliament's Petition Committee may schedule a public debate on the petition.

Non-applicability of regulation to connecting flights outside EU territory confirmed
Germany | 01 May 2013

The Landshut Regional Court recently ruled that each segment of a flight involving a scheduled stopover had to be regarded separately for the purposes of determining the applicability of EU Regulation 261/2004. The decision is important for third country (non-EU) air carriers which offer flights from EU countries via a hub outside the European Union to the rest of the world.

ECJ broadens application of Sturgeon
Germany | 13 March 2013

There has been a string of successful decisions in Germany regarding the requirement for delayed departure within the meaning of Article 6 of EU Regulation 261/2004 in order to seek compensation under the regulation further to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) decision in Sturgeon. A recent ECJ ruling in a case referred to it by the German Federal Court of Justice has thus come as something of a blow.

No compensation for flights cancelled due to threatened pilot strikes
Germany | 29 August 2012

The Federal Court of Justice has ruled that if an airline's flight schedule cannot be operated in full or to a significant extent due to a strike, passengers have no right to compensation pursuant to EU Regulation 261/2004 because the 'extraordinary circumstances' defence applies. However, the airline must take reasonable measures to minimise the effects of a strike.

Alternative dispute resolution for passenger claims
Germany | 08 August 2012

The Federal Cabinet has adopted draft legislation on the introduction of conciliation bodies for airline passengers, with the aim of allowing passengers to make claims against airlines in a fast, cheap and straightforward manner. However, the plans would be yet another setback for the industry, particularly because airlines would have to bear the costs.

Advocate general affirms controversial Sturgeon decision
Germany | 20 June 2012

In an opinion requested by the Cologne Local Court and a UK court, the advocate general of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has confirmed the ECJ's much-debated Sturgeon decision, which held that passengers whose flights are delayed, and who reach their final destination three hours or more after the arrival time originally scheduled by the air carrier, may rely on the right to compensation pursuant to EU Regulation 261/2004.

Airline compensation claim valid only if delay occurred on both departure and arrival
Germany | 09 May 2012

The Nürtingen local court recently confirmed that, in relation to claims for compensation brought pursuant to EU Regulation 261/2004, a delay can have the same legal consequences as a cancellation only in cases where delays occurred both on departure and on arrival.


Subsidiary clauses in mandatory vehicle insurance contracts
Germany | 06 August 2019

Motor vehicle liability insurance is mandatory for vehicles admitted to travel on public roads in Germany (the same applies to non-motorised trailers and semi-trailers) and covers damages caused by the policyholder to third parties or their vehicles. However, a Federal Court of Justice decision emphasises that subsidiary clauses in mandatory insurance contracts which limit liability are void unless such exemptions are legally permitted or agreed on by the insurers.