Ms Sunanda Kalischer

Sunanda Kalischer

Lawyer biography

Sunanda Kalischer, born 1986, qualified as a German lawyer in April 2015.

She studied at the universities of Passau and Hamburg. During her 'Referendariat' at the Higher Regional Court of Hamburg, she gathered practical experience (inter alia) in Mumbai at an Indian law firm. Before joining ARNECKE SIBETH DABELSTEIN in November 2019, she worked in a dispute resolution boutique law firm in Hamburg from 2015 until 2019.

Sunanda Kalischer’s particular areas of practice are litigation and arbitration in the areas of international commercial law, transport law as well as maritime law.


Shipping & Transport

Contract of carriage by sea is not contract with protective effect in favour of other shippers
Germany | 02 September 2020

A higher regional court recently found that a contract of carriage by sea is not a contract with protective effect in favour of other shippers. The shipper's obligations relating to proper and safe packaging and labelling were meant to primarily protect the carrier, not other shippers. The court's judgment, dismissing the idea of a contractual link between two shippers of the same carrier, does seem convincing.