Mr Miquel Campos Faura

Miquel Campos Faura



New UAS regulation set to be approved
Spain | 28 April 2021

Since EU Regulation (2019/947/EU) took effect at the end of 2020, air operations with unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) have been governed by EU legislation. The EU legal framework leaves member states with a certain level of flexibility to regulate matters outside the scope of the regulation, including the definition of UAS geographical zones. In Spain, the approval and entry into force of a project of royal decree is expected in 2021 to define the applicable requirements of such zones.

New EU regulation on drone operations set to take off in December 2020
European Union | 17 June 2020

The EU unmanned aircraft system (UAS) industry will face a new challenge as of 31 December 2020 when most of the EU Implementing Regulation on the rules and procedures for the operation of unmanned aircraft enters into force. The new regulation will replace most of the existing domestic provisions on UAS operations in EU member states. This will see the homogenisation of UAS-related legislation, reducing the variety of operational requirements, obligations and restrictions between EU member states.