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International Trade

Further updates to UK sanctions against Belarus
United Kingdom | 16 October 2020

The Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation has further expanded the reach of sanctions in respect of Belarus to cover an additional 40 individuals. These 40 individuals have been designated at EU level and added to the consolidated list. Five of these individuals were previously sanctioned under the United Kingdom's global human rights regime and are now subject to an asset freeze under both this regime and the EU regime.

United Kingdom updates unilateral sanctions targeting Belarusian officials
United Kingdom | 02 October 2020

The Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation recently announced that eight Belarusian officials have been subjected to sanctions (asset freezes and travel bans) under the United Kingdom's autonomous global human rights sanctions regime. This regime was introduced earlier in 2020 as a 'Magnitsky-style' regime and is the first autonomous sanctions regime adopted by the United Kingdom following its departure from the European Union.

United Kingdom takes major step towards membership of Trans-Pacific free trade area
United Kingdom | 25 September 2020

The Department for International Trade recently announced that the United Kingdom has taken a major step in the process of joining the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, one of the world's largest and most dynamic free trade areas. The partnership includes ambitious agreements on digital trade, data, financial, professional and business services, all of which are areas where the United Kingdom is a global leader and stands to benefit from more trade.