Ms Aliki Benmayor

Aliki Benmayor


Competition & Antitrust

New Geo-blocking Regulation: game changer or tinkering at edges for online sales?
European Union | 09 August 2018

Calls to end geo-blocking have grown more audible since the start of the European Commission mandate in 2014 and its digital single market strategy. But does the reality live up to the rhetoric? The commission's new Geo-blocking Regulation sets out certain situations where treating consumers differently is unjustifiable (eg, online and offline sales of goods and services) and applies only to transactions that have a cross-border element.

OnDemand: Competition and antitrust in the digital age
European Union | 20 July 2017

Digital markets are a priority under EU competition policy. The fast-paced nature of the market has posed numerous challenges. However, EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager has stressed that digitalisation does not require a complete overhaul of competition law or the creation of sector-specific rules, but rather adaptation to the features of digital markets.