Mr Werner Berg

Werner Berg


Competition & Antitrust

European Commission report on competition policy for digital era – key takeaways
European Union | 20 June 2019

The European Commission's report 'Competition policy for the digital era' is its most substantial step yet towards crystallising the dialogue on the question of how competition law could or should adapt to the rapidly changing technological landscape and the growing role of the digital economy. However, while the report touches on a wide range of ideas and proposals, it openly notes that not all of these are developed in detail or go beyond "very preliminary" conclusions.

2014 – EU cartel enforcement in review
European Union | 05 February 2015

Over the course of 2014 the European Commission issued a total of €1.7 billion in fines for cartel activities, due largely to the penalties imposed in the automotive bearings cartel (approximately €950 million) – the fourth-highest cartel fine ever imposed at EU level. The trend to settle decisions prevailed and the commission continues to target facilitators of cartel behaviour.

Corporate Finance/M&A

European Union to tighten control over foreign investment
European Union | 01 November 2017

The European Union has proposed a new EU framework for screening foreign investment that raises security and public order concerns for the European Union and its member states. The commission intends to launch, and possibly complete, the proposed framework by the end of 2018. Opposition by several member states means that it is unclear whether the proposal will be approved by the Council of the European Union.