Ms Abigail Ruiz

Abigail Ruiz

Lawyer biography

She is an Attorney at Law graduated from Universidad Iberoamericana. She has 5 years of experience in corporate law, privacy and compliance. Abigail joined BC&B in 2018 where she has specialized in the review and elaboration of all type of agreements, elaboration of privacy and compliance/anticorruption policies, as well as in all other services required by companies from the incorporation process to the highest levels of operation.

Areas of Practice:

  • Agreements
  • Data Privacy
  • Anticorruption
  • Corporate Law
  • Regulatory Compliance

She is in charge of the review and elaboration of any type of agreements, update and elaboration of corporate books and records, review and elaboration of privacy and anticorruption policies, elaboration of privacy programs, privacy, anticorruption and anti-money laundering training to companies.



White Collar Crime

Companies' criminal and administrative liability
Mexico | 24 December 2018

Historically, only individuals could commit crimes in Mexico. However, following recent amendments to the Criminal Code and the enactment of the new National Code of Criminal Procedures, companies may now be held criminally liable. As such, the implementation of an integrity policy is crucial for companies. Where a company does not have such a policy and an employee commits a company-related crime, the company may be subject to both criminal and administrative liability.