Ms Mónica Serrano

Mónica Serrano


Intellectual Property

Moving into the digital age: online application system gets to work
Mexico | 17 December 2012

In order to reduce service times and costs, increase efficiency and transparency and improve the quality of services offered by the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property, an online system for trademark and industrial design applications has been implemented. However, the filing of applications through the new system is optional.

Disclosure of inventions and securing a grace period
Mexico | 02 April 2012

The Industrial Property Law provides for a 12-month grace period for the benefit of an inventor (or an inventor's successor in title) in respect of the disclosure of an invention, model or design. If a party attempts to secure a grace period after its application has been filed, the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property will normally refuse. However, the Federal Law of Administrative Proceedings may give applicants another option.

Product Regulation & Liability

Cannabis regulation: is third time a charm?
Mexico | 26 March 2020

Conscious of the challenges that the implementation of a new regulation on cannabis represents, the Senate has concluded that any regulation should be implemented gradually. To this end, a new bill under analysis foresees authorisations (ie, licences) for the personal use, growth, transformation, import and export of cannabis that are mutually exclusive. The bill also authorises scientific (ie, medical) and industrial uses; however, cosmetics and edible and drinkable products which contain cannabis are not authorised.