Mr Raúl Herrera Hazas

Raúl Herrera Hazas

Lawyer biography

Attorney-at law graduated from Universidad Panamericana Law School with a master’s degree in European Union law and postgraduate studies in commercial arbitration. Raúl is partner of BC&B leading the civil and commercial group of the firm since 2018 and has more than 16 years of practice in litigation and commercial arbitration.

He is responsible of attending matters related with litigious consultancy, strategic litigious planning and intervention in all type of suits, proceedings, trials or appeals related to civil, commercial, family litigation and commercial arbitration.


Arbitration & ADR

ADR: pros and cons
Mexico | 19 March 2020

Over the past three decades, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) has increased in popularity to the point that most parties appear to prefer it to having the courts resolve their conflicts. The benefits of ADR are flexibility, reduced costs and the opportunity to actively participate in the resolution of the dispute. However, these benefits depend on the parties voluntarily honouring the commitments adopted during the ADR proceedings.

Use of precautionary measures in arbitration
Mexico | 30 January 2020

Precautionary measures are an essential way in which to preserve assets that are subject to dispute or ensure that a final award is enforceable. Arbitration offers many advantages over judicial proceedings. However, in practice, such measures need to be issued more quickly in order to achieve the objectives for which they are designed. Notably, under Mexican law, such measures are issued much faster and more effectively than those issued under the International Chamber of Commerce arbitration rules.