Ms Celine Varmann Jørgensen

Celine Varmann Jørgensen

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Primary expertise

Celine has several years of experience within IP law, unfair competition and marketing law. Her daily tasks includes management of large domestic and international trademark and design portfolios, with development and implementation of IPR strategies, clearance searches and infringement opinions, filing and prosecution, as well as oppositions and disputes regarding intellectual property rights, both nationally and internationally. Celine also holds strong experience in domain name disputes, counterfeit and customs matters, unfair competition, copyright law and contract law. She represents national and international clients before the Norwegian Industrial Property Office, the IP Appeal Board, EUIPO, NKU (Council dealing with unfair marketing practices), Norid (Registry for Norwegian domain names), as well as district courts and courts of appeal.

Her clients span from Norwegian start-ups to large international corporations from all industrial sectors, including media, entertainment, consumer products, fashion industry, automotive, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, IT, and manufacturing fields, etc.

Celine has authored a number of articles in international IPR magazines, including Norway’s chapter in the World Trademark Review’s “Designs: A Global Guide”. Celine is also responsible for the Norwegian contribution to “INTA Country Guides” and INTA’s “International Opposition Guide: Comparative Practice and Procedures”. In 2004, she published the article “Linking, framing and search engines in a trademark law perspective” in Tidskrift for Forretningsjuss.


Celine graduated with a law degree from the University of Oslo in 2000, with IP specialization from the University of Copenhagen. In 2004, she added an LLM in Information Technology and Communications Law from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

Celine has a worked as an attorney at law at the law firm Ro, Sommernes & Co, and has experience from the Norwegian Industrial Property Office where she worked as legal adviser. She was admitted to the Norwegian Bar in 2006.

Celine joined Bryn Aarflot in 2005 and was made partner in the firm in 2010.


Intellectual Property

Implementation of new Customs Act
Norway | 10 May 2021

By 1 July 2021 a new Customs Act will be implemented in Norway, with simplified procedures relating to the destruction of consignments which contain counterfeit goods. The amendments aim to align Norwegian customs control with EU regulations and practice. For IP owners, the new procedures are long overdue and will be welcomed. Under the new rules, counterfeit goods are more likely to be detained and destroyed, which in turn may result in fewer attempts to import counterfeit products overall.

The latest in the legislative fight against counterfeiting
Norway | 15 September 2014

Health, safety and environmental regulations are not a major consideration for most producers of counterfeit toys, vehicle parts, clothing, electronics and medicines. Despite this, Norwegian consumers seem happy to buy fake goods instead of genuine products. However, the latest legislative amendments are important steps towards strengthening the enforcement of IP and related rights.

Legitimate interest and removal of barcodes on parallel-imported goods
Norway | 28 April 2014

The Court of Appeal recently ruled that the removal of barcodes on goods that are legitimately parallel imported did not qualify as a 'legitimate interest' which a rights holder could assert. The court concluded that barcodes are an effective weapon in the fight against counterfeiting; however, in this particular case, the barcodes included information that could be used to prevent parallel imports.

Is ALFRED NOBEL too noble for beverages?
Norway | 10 February 2014

The Norwegian IP Appeal Board has issued a decision relating to a trademark registration for the mark ALFRED NOBEL. The Nobel Foundation had filed an invalidity claim against the registration on the grounds that use of the mark on Class 32 goods would deceive the public into believing that by purchasing the goods, they were supporting peace-keeping or charity work.

Normative marketing activity as indicator of genuine use
Norway | 08 April 2013

While the ONEL/OMEL decision of the European Court of Justice has led to discussions on the geographical scope of use of a registered Community trademark, the Norwegian Industrial Property Office Board of Appeal has issued a decision referring to the quantitative requirements underlying the 'genuine use' criterion. The decision appears to raise the bar for proving genuine use, at least for consumer goods.

Oliver chair 'Tripp Trapp-ed' by IP rights infringement
Norway | 06 February 2012

The Court of Appeal recently ruled that the 'Oliver' children's chair produced by Trumf AS infringed Stokke AS's copyright in the well-known Tripp Trapp chair. The court also found that Trumf's use of the slogan, "This great children's chair will grow with your child" infringed Stokke's own trademarked slogan, "The chair that grows with your child".