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Product Regulation & Liability

Food and drink businesses: are you Brexit ready?
United Kingdom | 06 February 2020

After more than three years of 'will we, won't we?' uncertainty, 31 January 2020 marked the day that the United Kingdom officially left the European Union; however, this is just the beginning of the real process of change. The rest of 2020 will see the United Kingdom transition out of the European Union and there are currently still more questions than answers about what the legal, regulatory and trading landscape will look like for UK food and drink businesses on 1 January 2021.

Why is a change to allergen labelling laws necessary and what will happen next?
United Kingdom | 12 September 2019

The government recently announced that food businesses will soon be required to provide full ingredient labelling on foods which are pre-packed for direct sale. Such products will also need to clearly state whether their ingredients include any of the 14 declarable allergens. This will benefit all consumers with allergies, who will be able to clearly see from the label whether a pre-packaged product contains any of the declarable allergens, regardless of where the product was prepared and packaged.

New Year's resolutions for safeguarding food and drink sector
United Kingdom | 10 January 2019

In view of the challenges faced by the food and drink sector in 2018, businesses across the supply chain may want to make some New Year's resolutions to ensure that they are fighting fit and ready for the year ahead. This article posits a number of key issues for food and drink businesses to consider in this regard, including supply contracts, allergen labelling and food crime.

Food allergen labelling: is it time for a change?
United Kingdom | 25 October 2018

It is within the UK government's power to make changes to require improved communication of allergen information on food labels in circumstances where there is an increased risk that confusion could arise. Following the tragic death of a young woman who died after consuming a baguette containing sesame, calls have been made for changes to allergen labelling laws. But are changes really needed and, if so, what could and should be done?

Product liability claims: Faisal v Younis shows scope of product liability law
United Kingdom | 18 October 2018

The High Court recently held that a retail store owner was jointly liable with a product manufacturer for an accident that had occurred at his store. The existence of joint and several liability has long been criticised for creating disproportionate liability because it arguably places insured companies at greater risk. Suggested reforms have included the introduction of proportionate liability and a statutory capping regime on insurance claims.

Russell Hume: another meat processor falls foul of food safety regulation
United Kingdom | 15 March 2018

The Food Standards Agency recently announced that it has stopped products leaving sites run by Russell Hume, a major meat and poultry processing business, following "instances of serious non-compliance with food hygiene regulations". It has also required Russell Hume to withdraw existing products from the market. Incidents such as these raise a number of questions for food businesses and consumers about the safety and provenance of the food that they are buying.