Mr Geoffrey Conlin

Geoffrey Conlin



Insurance-linked securities – a welcome development
Brazil | 09 March 2021

The National Council for Private Insurance recently issued a resolution which introduces into the Brazilian market special purpose local reinsurers (SPLRs) and insurance-linked securities, to be issued by SPLRs. The resolution is a welcome example of efforts by the Brazilian market to create an environment which fosters innovation, by seeking to expand its financial capacity and creating new mechanisms to transfer risks, ultimately bridging the gap between the capital and insurance markets.

Welcome changes to large-risks sector
Brazil | 10 November 2020

In a welcome move to distinguish large risks from 'seguros massificados' (ie, mass insurance), the Superintendence of Private Insurance has proposed changes to the regulation of large risks through the issuance of the Draft Resolution for Public Consultation 18/2020. The draft resolution represents an important potential turning point in the Brazilian insurance and reinsurance landscape, correcting an imbalance in favour of policyholders, at least to some degree.

Regulatory changes for reinsurers
Brazil | 08 September 2020

The National Council for Private Insurance – the Brazilian entity in charge of drawing up the country's reinsurance industry policies – recently introduced a series of changes to the regulatory landscape. Such changes aim to enforce the wider liberal agenda set out by the Ministry of the Economy and underline the federal government's commitment to a more liberalised economy.

Weak Brazilian real makes now a good time to settle Brazilian insurance and reinsurance claims
Brazil | 18 August 2020

The Brazilian real has devalued by more than 30% against the US dollar in 2020, making now an attractive time for Brazilian cedants supported by international reinsurers operating in US dollars to settle their claims. One of the salient features of Brazilian insurance claims is the accrual of significant levels of interest and monetary correction (ie, inflation-linked interest), which has the capacity to increase quantum at an alarming rate.