Mr Paul Sheridan

Paul Sheridan

Lawyer biography

Position and experience

Paul Sheridan is in charge of the Environment Law Group at CMS Cameron McKenna. He advises numerous national and international clients on a wide range of contentious and non-contentious environment matters, insurance of environment risks and regulatory compliance. The Environment Law Group monitors environment law developments on a global basis with particular emphasis on the UK, the EU and Central and Eastern Europe.

In particular he advises on

  • environment law compliance
  • various environment issues arising out of property transactions, mergers, acquisitions, management buy-outs, joint ventures, infrastructure projects, privatisations, PPP/PFI projects, developments, corporate recoveries and the like
  • the results of environment audits, including potential contaminated land liabilities
  • IPPC and other permits
  • controls of prescribed processes and substances (in particular radioactive substances and asbestos)
  • landfill tax and other economic instruments
  • the terms of existing and proposed waste disposal or recovery contracts and associated liabilities
  • the transfer of waste disposal functions of local authorities to third parties
  • various aspects of energy from waste projects
  • climate control
  • transfrontier shipments of waste
  • packaging and packaging waste laws
  • insurance of environment risks
  • environment management systems, corporate environment management policies and statements
  • statutory nuisances
  • human rights and the environment

He conducts

  • high-profile judicial review and declaratory proceedings
  • civil and regulatory claims and proceedings in respect of-
    environment indemnities and warranties
    - contaminated land and contaminating processes
    - statutory nuisances
    - waste laws
    - water laws
    - civil landfill disputes
    - nuclear installations
    - asbestos
    - protestor actions

Paul also compiles databases of United Kingdom and European Union environment laws, codes of practice, guidelines and the like, tailored to the specific needs of individual clients.

Memberships of professional bodies

Law Society of England & Wales
Associate member of the Chartered Insurance Institute
United Kingdom Environmental Law Association
Institute of Petroleum
Publications and lectures

Paul is a regular contributor to the Law Society Gazzette and is the author of several articles in Environmental Assessment and contributions to various periodicals, including -

  • "Designated Sites and Case Law", Inland Coastal Estaurine waters Magazine, (September 2000)
  • "Statutory Contaminated Land Regime", Environment Times Magazine, (February 2000)
  • "Draft Statutory Guidance on Contaminated Land", Environmental Assessment, December 1996
  • "Directors' and Officers' Personal Liability Under Environment Law", CBI Environmental Management Handbook, (February 2000)
  • "The Environment and the Seattle Demonstrations", AMCHAM, (January 2000)
  • "Compliance up in the Air?", Industrial Environmental Management, (December 1999)
  • "Consultant's Negligence", Building Magazine, (August 1999)
  • "Recent Developments in Environmental Law Relevant to the Construction Industry", Construction Law, (December 1998)
    Contributor to Croner's Environmental Case Law and to UKELA's Concise Lexicon of Environmental Terms
  • "Draft Statutory Guidance on Contaminated Land", Environmental Assessment, (December 1996)
  • "The Client's Interest in the Consultant's Professional Indemnity Insurance", Environmental Assessment, (March 1996)
  • "Pollution and Damages : Two Important Judicial Pronouncements", Environmental Assessment, (September 1995)
  • "Limiting Liability for Negligence - Environmental Consultants", Environmental Assessment, (June 1995)

He also speaks regularly at various internal and external seminars, including -

  • "Developments in Waste", LGG Conference (September 2000)
  • "Environment Laws", National Australia Group Conference, (August 2000)
  • Delphi Automotive System Conference, (June 2000)
  • Ad Idem Contaminated Land Conference, (June 2000)
  • Kier Construction Conference, (June 2000)
  • International Clean-up Exhibition, (April 2000)
  • Environment Law Seminar to the Crown Estate (March 2000)
  • Environment Seminar, J Sainsbury plc, (February 2000)
  • "The Definition of Waste", (Chair at) CLT Seminar (February 2000)
  • Insurance Brokers, CERTA, (February 2000)
  • "The Status of Secondary Raw Material" and "When Waste Ceases to be
  • Waste", Bureau of International Recycling, Trade and the Environment Symposium, (February 1999)
  • "Merger and Acquisitions Mastercourse", IIR, (July and December 1998)
  • "Developments in International Environmental Law and Practice", Hawksmere, (July 1998)
  • "Environment Issues", Taylor Woodrow, (April 1997 and February 1998)
  • "Rapporteur, Environment Law at China-Europe Legal Seminar" in Baijing, (November 1997)
  • "Environmental Issues", BAA Seminar, (June 1997)
  • "Developments in Environmental Law", ECRO, (May 1997)
  • "Clinical Waste Management", AIC, (February 1997)
  • "Contaminated Land" CIRIA, (1997)
  • "Waste Regulation in England and Wales", The Study Group for International Commercial Contracts, (September 1996)
  • Annual Conference of the Institute of Environmental Assessment, (October 1995)
  • Environmental Consultants Seminar, (May 1995)
  • Environmental Warranties and Indemnities Seminar, (February 1995)


Energy & Natural Resources

Government consults on ecodesign and energy information laws changes
United Kingdom | 19 October 2020

Until 11 November 2020, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is consulting on the draft Ecodesign for Energy-Related Products and Energy Information Regulations 2021. The consultation asks stakeholders to comment on the ecodesign and energy labelling proposals, BEIS's assessment of the costs and benefits and the intended timetable for reviewing the draft regulations after they came into force, noted in each product-specific section.

OPRED consults on new civil penalties for illegal oil and gas-related activity
United Kingdom | 03 December 2018

The Department for Energy and Industrial Strategy and the Offshore Petroleum Regulator for Environment and Decommissioning recently launched a consultation on the draft guidance to accompany the Offshore Environmental Civil Sanctions Regulations 2018. The overarching message of the new penalties regime is that the processes and outcomes of enforcement with regard to offshore companies engaged in illegal oil and gas-related activity will change considerably.

Energy performance of buildings and Brexit: the final cut (for now)
United Kingdom | 04 June 2018

The Council of the European Union has announced the agreement on the final version of the revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. The directive will enter into force 20 days after publication in the Official Journal and member states will have 20 months to transpose it. There are several long-tail requirements for which compliance queries will not arise until well after this period. A practical difference will be any surveillance or enforcement and the consultation on a 'green watchdog' in respect of England.

Product Regulation & Liability

Consultation on introduction of market restrictions on certain single-use plastics in Scotland
United Kingdom | 26 November 2020

The Scottish government has launched a public consultation on the introduction of market restrictions on certain single-use plastic items. Responses to the consultation must be submitted before 4 January 2021. The proposed market restrictions on single-use plastics follow and may extend beyond the provisions in Article 5 of the EU Single-Use Plastics Directive 2019/904.