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Gerhard Badenhorst


Corporate Tax

Decrypting the law: proposed VAT Act amendments affecting cryptocurrencies
South Africa | 07 September 2018

The supply of cryptocurrencies can cause administrative difficulties with regard to the value added tax (VAT) system. As such, the former minister of finance recently proposed that the VAT legislation be amended. In the interim, the South African Revenue Service has stated that it will not require persons to register for VAT for the supply of cryptocurrencies until there has been policy clarification in this regard. The exemption of cryptocurrency transactions from VAT is undoubtedly the preferred route.

VAT increase: what rate should be charged?
South Africa | 04 May 2018

The minister of finance recently announced that the standard rate of value added tax (VAT) will increase from the current rate of 14% to 15% from April 2018. Unfortunately, the date of introduction of the new rate leaves vendors little time to amend their systems and implement procedures to ensure that VAT is correctly accounted for from that date. There is also uncertainty as to when supplies still qualify for VAT at 14% and when VAT should be levied at 15%.

VAT on non-executive director remuneration: more questions than answers?
South Africa | 23 June 2017

The South African Revenue Service recently issued Binding General Ruling 41, in which it ruled that non-executive directors (NEDs) should register and account for value added tax (VAT) on their directors' fees where the fees exceed the VAT registration threshold of R1 million in a 12-month period. SARS recently issued an updated ruling in which it determined that, in accordance with the VAT Act, the VAT registration liability date for NEDs was June 1 2017.

Real Estate

Residential property developers face cash-flow crunch due to VAT on temporary letting of units
South Africa | 06 April 2018

Many residential property developers will begin 2018 with a major cash-flow challenge, as they may be faced with a substantial value added tax (VAT) liability in respect of the temporary letting of residential units which have been developed for resale. It is hoped that the South African Revenue Service and the National Treasury will urgently address the problems with regard to the VAT rules concerning the change-in-use adjustments for property developers.