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Mark W Atwood



CDC mask mandate versus rights of passengers with disabilities
USA | 03 March 2021

Air carriers must comply with federal law that mandates mask wearing but also accommodate passengers with a disability that prevents them from wearing a mask. To guide carriers, the Department of Transport recently issued a notice of enforcement policy describing the factors which it will take into consideration when deciding how to enforce these potentially conflicting obligations.

DOT proposes to define 'unfair' and 'deceptive' practices
USA | 01 April 2020

One of the most significant roles of the Department of Transportation (DOT) is to protect airline consumers from unfair and deceptive practices and unfair methods of competition by air carriers and ticket agents. Yet, surprisingly, the key statutory terms 'unfair' and 'deceptive' are not defined in statute and the DOT has never attempted to define them, until now. It is expected that airlines and airline trade groups will support the DOT's proposal, while consumer groups may be more sceptical.

Caveat lessor: OFAC fines aircraft lessor for actions of sublessee
USA | 18 December 2019

The US Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) recently announced sanctions against Apollo Aviation Group LLC for violation of the then-effective Sudan Sanctions Regulations. The takeaway from the OFAC's Apollo decision is clear: aircraft lessors cannot rely on a boilerplate lease clause to protect them; rather, they must exercise pro-active vigilance over the products that they are leasing out, know their customers and in some cases know their customers' customers.