Mr Federico Modugno

Federico Modugno

Lawyer biography

Federico Modugno was born in Bologna on 7 December 1989 and was awarded a First Class Honours in his law degree from the University of Bologna, a Merit in his LLM in International Financial Law from King’s College London and a Commendation and Distinction in his GDL and LPC, respectively, from BPP University London.

During his time at King’s, Federico prepared, under the supervision of Professor Richard Hooley, a dissertation entitled: ‘The Holder in Due Course Doctrine: a comparative analysis between English law and Italian law’, which was awarded a mark of Distinction.

During his time at BPP, Federico submitted a Research Essay on the Duty of Utmost Good Faith in Insurance Law following the Insurance Act 2015, which was awarded a mark of Distinction.

Federico joined Dardani Studio Legale in January 2018.

Since joining the firm he has assisted on a variety of matters governed by both Italian law and English law, including proceedings on maritime law of salvage and on international carriages of goods by sea under the Hague-Visby Rules, international arbitration proceedings in London under the LMAA rules for alleged breaches of an MOA and has advised on the interpretation of clauses of charterparties and marine insurance contracts.   


Shipping & Transport

Pro rata rule and apportionment of salvage reward between co-salvors
Italy | 23 May 2018

A recent decision of the Genoa Court of Appeal dealt with two interesting issues arising under the London International Convention on Salvage 1989: whether, for the purposes of fixing a salvage reward, the judge should consider not only the value of the salved vessel, but also that of the cargo on board; and the apportionment of a salvage reward between co-salvors where only one salvor brought proceedings for its remuneration.