Ms Sıla Başaran

Sıla Başaran


Intellectual Property

Non-registered cartoon characters may enjoy trademark protection in Turkey
Turkey | 11 November 2019

The physical appearance, name, expressions used and other distinctive components relating to or associated with copyrighted works or characters may enjoy trademark protection in Turkey irrespective of whether they are registered there. The aim of this approach is to prevent third parties from profiting from infringing trademarks.

Copyright protection of TV formats and programmes
Turkey | 04 March 2019

Turkey exported TV content worth $350 million in 2017, becoming the second largest exporter of TV drama in the world. However, the question of whether TV formats enjoy copyright protection under the Copyright Act has long been debated in Turkey. This article examines the legal doctrine and recent Supreme Court of Appeals case law in this regard in order to examine the copyright protection afforded to TV formats and programmes.