Ms Aimilia Efstathiou

Aimilia Efstathiou



Interim injunctions: submission of recognisance by lawyer on client's behalf
Cyprus | 30 July 2019

In a recent first-instance judgment, the Supreme Court of Cyprus examined the meaning of 'recognisance' under the Civil Procedure Law. The judgment indicates that the court has a tendency to follow both a more liberal approach reflecting the needs of modern commercial transactions and a teleological interpretation by focusing on the purpose of legislation instead of the ordinary meaning of the words.

Supreme Court disapproves strict interpretation of Order 30 of Civil Procedure Rules
Cyprus | 27 February 2018

In a recent appeal case, the Supreme Court overturned a first-instance judgment regarding the timing of the completion of the pleadings and, consequently, the deadline for filing a summons for directions under Order 30 of the Civil Procedure Rules. Although the judgment in question examined the previous version of Order 30, it is useful for litigation lawyers as it clarifies when pleadings are deemed to have been completed, which remains the starting point for the deadline to file a summons for directions.