Ms Louiza Petrou

Louiza Petrou



Court dismisses defendants' application in limitation period case
Cyprus | 29 January 2019

Limitation periods in Cyprus were suspended for many years. However, in 2012 the Limitation of Actionable Rights Law was enacted to reintroduce time limits for the filing of civil claims. In a recent case, the District Court of Limassol held that the law on limitation periods, together with Article 30.2 of the Constitution, imposes specific time limits to ensure the rule of finality and distinguish between bona fide and mala fide civil and criminal procedures.

Recent changes to civil procedure rules
Cyprus | 16 August 2016

A number of changes to the civil procedure rules recently came into effect in order to reduce delays in the civil justice system. Under these changes, a claimant must issue a summons for directions within 30 days of the date on which the pleadings are considered completed. Further, each party must now specify the precise directions that it wants the court to issue within 30 days of service of the summons for directions.