Ms Valérie Gareau-Dalpé

Valérie Gareau-Dalpé


Employment & Immigration

Extended leave and holiday pay: is differentiating between protected employees discriminatory?
Canada | 14 August 2019

A recent arbitration decision reminds employers that distinctions between different classes of protected employee may be discriminatory. As such, employers should review their policies and agreements in light of this decision to ensure that differential treatment is not applied to employees in different protected classes on leave, as this may provide a basis for a successful discrimination claim.

Student working conditions: beware of disparities
Canada | 19 September 2018

The Quebec Human Rights Tribunal recently held that student status and the fact that students work during the summer to pay for their studies must be equated to a social condition protected under the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms. According to the tribunal, a collective agreement clause that allocates a lower wage to students could constitute discriminatory treatment because it represents a distinction based on two prohibited grounds of discrimination: social condition and age.